Who is Alexa Headley?

Art class gave me the freedom to dream. Whatever the idea or story, the sky was the limit. I never thought I would want to do something in art. It seemed too fun to be a career. I always liked the idea of art in my future but it felt unstable so I pushed it aside in highschool and focused on my other classes. My senior year of highschool I took a graphic design and a portfolio art class. I wanted to spend my last year doing something I enjoyed. That year, I learned art was more than telling a story or conveying an idea but it can deliver a message without saying anything. I always had a hard time putting into words how I felt or a certain idea but if I could draw a picture, my message would get delivered. Art and design help me communicate my thoughts and ideas to others.


Projects from design classes (freshman to sophmore year).


Lyric Experiment
Zen Garden Two
Zen Garden Three
Zen Garden Four