Austin Morse

Media Arts: Interaction Design; Sophomore

I am an aspiring artist/writer. I hope to one day be able to work on comic books or video games. I really enjoy telling stories and feel that text alone is limited. My favorite genres of stories are fantasy and horror, and I hope to be able to combine the two some day. Aside from storytelling, I also have found interest in UI design. Making a simple, functional UI that still matches the style of the game is cool and impressive to me. Some games have done well, while others have been serviceable. However, I have seen some that have blown me away and others that are nearly unusable. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, watching movies/TV shows, reading comics and books, and drawing. I tend to turn on music or Youtube videos to serve as background noise or something to listen to while I work or play games.

Three Artistic/Design Influences

5 Most Visited Websites

  1. YouTube
  2. Twitter
  3. Netflix
  4. KissAnime
  5. Google Images


Mini Project

The Tongue-Cut Sparrow