Brady Geyer

this is a photo of me

Major: Interaction Design

Year: Junior



For my career in interaction design, I would like to design apps, programs, websites, and the overall layout of an interface. My style of design tends to lean towards vector graphics and overall a clean look that is easily legible. To start out I would like to start by working for a company, whether that be a tech, app, or product company. Most likely working in a team, I would want to help create the navigation and design of a website or application. Eventually I would like to start my own design company in the interaction design field. I would also, if an idea comes to mind, create my own product. When I think of inventions and innovations I am always critical of myself want it to be as intuitive as possible.


Top 5 Websites:

  1. Youtube
  2. Amazon
  3. Google Drive
  4. NHL
  5. NFL

Mini Project


Nursery Rhyme

Fusion Resturaunt