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Erik Schmidt

ejsst304@mail.rmu.eduSophomore majoring in Graphic Design at Robert Morris University

Growing up I have always had an appreciation towards many different forms of art. Music has been a big influence in my life, listening to and taking inspiration from a wide range of artist from Paul Simon to Foo Fighters. Some activities that allow me to create and allow me to demonstrate my creative side are playing music, cooking, and drawing. These kinds of hobbies are what I enjoy and hope to make a living off of some day. After college, my hope is to eventually get a career in the entertainment industry, preferably for a major video game company or television series. Something like video games, along with animation, is what really get my attention. For a creative medium, video games are what really interest me. The ability to create another world with its own characters, music, and story is what keeps me hooked on them. They're not just one-sided either, they allow people not only view them, but also to interact with like no other medium does. Overall, there is a lot I'm passionate about and so much that interests me. I hope that I keep finding opportunities to do what I love and that where ever I wind up, I have the chance to have fun with it, and hope that others who experience it will too.