Francesca Barchetti

Sophomore, Graphic Design major

My end goal for my career is to help get women in sports more media attention. I would love to design ads and campaigns for them so that they will have more support in their sports. For example, the Woman's National Basketball Association get a lot less views on television unlike the NBA games that are viewed by more than double. This is something I would try to change by making exciting graphics that would spark the publics attention. In turn, leading them to those WNBA games on television. I also have a passion for spreading awareness about mental health and would love to incorporate that into my work somehow in the future. I could use athletes to catch the eye of the public and get the message across that mental health needs to be taken seriously and is not just something to joke about like what had been done in the past.

  1. Youtube
  2. Netflix
  3. Amazon
  4. Blackboard
  5. Webster Dictionary